We create love & design flowers.

Hello Williamsburg! Welcome to our world of flowers! At Carlota we believe in the healing powers of flowers. These quiet but lively companions fill a space with joy, harmony, and well-being.

We have created a small oasis filled with flowers— a refuge away from the daily New York hustle. Our local oasis is also a space of cultural fusion. Carlota houses a small enchanting selection of modern Mexican ceramic art, one that is surrounded by contemporary floral design.

Our design studio specializes in timeless organic styles that include nontraditional botanical elements. We love lush textures, romantic silhouettes, and rich color palettes!

Our Services

There is nothing like seeing for yourself! Stop by and explore our always-changing floral selections. Place a custom order according to your preferred color palette, occasion, or intended recipient. Submit an order online or call us at (718) 749-0370. Local delivery and pick-up services available.

Floral subscriptions delivered to bloom up your living room, bedroom, or home office. We will tailor each arrangement to the particular vision you have for your space.

Styling & Editorial
We work closely with designers, stylist, and photographers to execute each project according to a brand’s unique visual identity. Our services also include store front decoration, and permanent or seasonal decor. Floral props or full set installs for editorial or film work.

Hospitality and Commercial
Regularly-scheduled floral services for restaurants, retail stores, and commercial and residential building. Bring luminosity, warmth, or elegance to your place of business.

Events & Weddings
We will work with you to create a personalized wedding plan for your big day! We will accompany you throughout the planning process, communicating with other vendors in order to craft a floral service that will honor your wedding vision.

You can find us in...

65 Richardson St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

(718) 749-0370